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02-22-19Amendments in the Grids and Weightage of CFAP-2 and MSA-1
02-22-19Presentations of CAF Classes
02-15-19Introduction of E‐marking


MIES 1 Basel II
MIES 2 Challenges and Successes In Implementing International Standards: Achieving convergence to IFRSs and ISAs
MIES 3 Role of Director
MIES 4 Audit Quality – Agency Theory and the Role of Audit
MIES 5 Instituting Corporate Governance in Developing, Emerging and Transitional Economies
MIES 6 The Effectiveness of Corporate Boards in Pakistan – An assessment and some views
MIES 7 Modified Auditor’s Reports on Financial Statements, Illustrations and Contents
MIES 8 Best Practices on Corporate Governance for South Asian Countries
MIES 9 Networking of CA Firms– An Overview
MIES 10 Identifying the Audit Partner
MIES 11 The Diverse Roles of Professional Accountants in Business
MIES 12 Statement of Membership Obligations
MIES 13 Responsibility of Preparing Financial Statements Under IFRS-Auditor’s and Industory’s Perspective
MIES 14 Defining and Developing an Effective Code of Conduct for Organizations
MIES 15 Review of Practical Implementation Issues of IFRS – Pakistan Case Study
MIES 16 IFAC 2007 Global Leadership Survey – Summary of Findings
MIES 17 Business Planning Guide: Practical Application for SMEs
MIES 18 Regulation of the Accountancy Profession
MIES 19 The Corporate Governance Guide – Family-owned Companies
MIES 20 Financial Reporting Supply Chain –Current Perspectives and Directions
MIES 21 Good Practice in tackling External Fraud
MIES 22 Enterprise Governance Getting the Balance Right
MIES 23 The Crucial Roles of Professional Accountants in Business inMid-Sized Enterprises
MIES 24 Corporate Governance for Public Bodies – A Basic Framework
MIES 25 Professional Accountants in Business –At the Heart of Sustainability?
MIES 26 Evaluating and Improving Governance in Organizations
MIES 27 2009 Review of the implementation status of corporate governance disclosures: case study Pakistan
MIES 28 Survey on Board Practices in Pakistan