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07-24-17 ICAP Elections, 2017 list of election Stations-In Person Voting
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The Pakistan Accountant

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THE PAKISTAN ACCOUNTANT Issue Date Flipping Edition Download
CFOs: Shaping the Future April – June 2017 ICAP
Employer Branding January – March 2017 ICAP
Whistleblowing October – December 2016 ICAP
Succession Planning July – September 2016 ICAP
Leadership April – June 2016 ICAP
South Asia: Corridor of Opportunities January – March 2016 ICAP
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Accounting Profession October – December 2015 ICAP
Governance in Family Owned Companies July – September 2015 ICAP
Budget – A Global Perspective April – June 2015 ICAP
CFO: Sustaining Excellence − Shifting Gears January – March 2015 ICAP
Global Knowledge Gatway October -December 2014 ICAP
Forensic and Investigative Accounting July – September 2014 ICAP
Operational Excellence with Corporate Performanc Apirl – June 2014 ICAP
From Conformance to Leadership the evolving Roles of CFO’S Jan – March 2014 ICAP
Commodities Investing Oct – Dec 2013 ICAP
Financial Planning (The Pursuit of Happiness) July – September 2013 ICAP
Clouds Computing Seeing Through the Clouds Apirl – June 2013 ICAP
Compliance Audit Buying Peace of Mind January – March 2013 ICAP
October -December April -September January – March
October -December July -September Apirl – June October – March
July -September April -June January – March
October -December July-September April -June January – March
September-December July – August March – June January – Febraury