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Form Name Download
Exam Forms
forms Form ‘EXM’ Application for Admission to AFC Examinations
forms Form ‘EXM’ Application for Admission to AFC / CAF Examinations
forms Form ‘CF’ Application for Admission to CFAP Examination
forms Form ‘TWS’ Application for Admission to Test of Writing Skill
Registration and Exemption Form
forms Form ‘RE’ Application for Registration as a Student / Exemption from Examination(s) / Both

Training Contract Forms
forms Form ‘R’ (training contract) ( Please take 3 copies this Training contact form Mark on top Duplicate, Triplicate)

forms Annex A to Form-R (For service break)

forms Form ‘O’
forms Form ‘Q’
forms Form ‘R’

forms Form ‘S’

forms Form ‘T’

(for verification letters and attestation of documents)
Verification Application form
Miscellaneous Forms
forms Application Form For CAF Equivalence Certificate
forms Application for Change / Correction in Name / Father’s Name
forms Application form for duplicate certificate, grade sheet & passing/exemption letter
forms Application form for Refund of Fee
forms Application for Registration as Training Organisation
Health Insurance Forms
forms New Registration / Addition Form
forms Nomination Form
forms Insurance Claim Form
These instructions should be read in conjunction with the instructions given on the respective form.

Form should be printed and submitted in legal size (8.5×14 inches) paper and should be completed in candidates own handwriting.

Form should be signed at designated places and all documents/bank credit voucher/photographs should be attached therewith.

Completed form will NOT be accepted through e-mail. They should either be despatched under Registered A/D cover so as to reach the Director Examinations, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Chartered Accountants Avenue, Clifton, Karachi or Regional Offices or ICAP Information centres before the last date of submission of form or within one week after the last date with late fee.