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02-15-19Introduction of E‐marking
02-13-19Toastmasters Summit 2019


The Institute is committed to regulate the education, training and examination of its students in order to ensure that a newly qualified Chartered Accountant can continue to be confidently regarded as:

  • Having a sound grounding in the major subject of accountancy, business, finance and management which can be further developed by continuing education and which can be drawn on for a professional lifetime;
  • Being fully equipped with the professional attitudes expected of a member of the Institute;
  • Being ready to undertake work, demanding qualities and skills expected of a chartered accountant and being able, with suitable induction, speedily to acquire any additional accountancy skills required for particular task in public practice, industry, commerce or else where.

To achieve the above objectives the Institute continues to review and update its prescribed syllabus and education and training schemes. The present syllabus was recently updated and restructured to meet the challenges of the fast changing global and national economic scenarios.

From 1994 a Pre-entry Proficiency Test (PPT) was introduced to determine the suitability of candidates before being registered as Trainee Students. PPT is mandatory for all entrants except those who are exempt from PPT.