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07-16-18The Pakistan Accountant April – June 2018
07-9-18CA Webcast 2018 | Live Session on Facebook
07-6-18CPD Declaration & Commitment 2015-2018

CA Webcast 2018 | Live Session on Facebook


Learn about CA Education and explore the numerous benefits associated with Chartered Accountancy qualification.

If you are young, energetic, have a desire to do something in your life, then……


Chartered Accountancy is a leading business qualification in highly technical fields of accounting, auditing and finance. Structured professional Education and rigorous training are hallmarks of this profession.

CA learning methodology offers you an edge over other qualification and opens up a wide array of possibilities providing you with greater opportunities to succeed.

Hiring CAs is seen as an investment. CAs take the lead and show others the strategic way forward to attain long term business success.

If you wish to make a career in the fields of business, finance, management and acquire a proficiency in a multitude of subjects than join us for a live session at Facebook.

In order to guide the students of A-level, HSSC and Undergraduate about CA education and career progression, ICAP is organizing a live session / CA webcast 2018, Session 2 on CA scheme as per below on ICAP’s Facebook page (ICAP.CA), the high officials of Institute will be shedding lights on available routes to CA scheme, eligibility criteria, exemptions, fee, registered tutors, exam deadlines, available scholarships and other related aspects.

The session can be attended by visiting our Facebook page as per below;