ICAP frequently asked questions (FAQs)


A. Registration as fulltime student:
Persons are eligible for registration as full time students, if they:
(i) have passed Higher Secondary School Certificate with minimum 50% aggregate marks; or two subjects at A Levels; or any other equivalent qualification; or
(ii) are graduates from a local or foreign university recognized by competent authority of higher education in Pakistan and have undertaken:
(a) Minimum 16 years of education; or
(b) Minimum 14 years of education with 45% aggregate marks or equivalent grades.
Notes: Equivalence from IBCC is not required for DAE, D. Com. & DBA. However, the same will be required for Foreign High School (12 Grade).

B- Registration as trainee student:
Persons are eligible for registration as trainee students if they have successfully completed the following qualification:
(a) CAF Level or obtained exemption from CAF Level and have completed / obtained exemption from PCSC; or
(b) a degree comprising minimum of 14 years of education with minimum 45% marks in aggregate or equivalent grades in any discipline from any local or foreign degree awarding institute recognized by competent authority of higher education in Pakistan;

A. ‘E’ is the minimum acceptable grade for the students of A-Levels to get registered with ICAP.

A.  Yes, ICAP allows provisional registration to the result awaiting students which is confirmed only on the submission of consolidated mark sheet / official transcript with minimum marks as mentioned in the answer of Q. 1. However, the provisional registration must be confirmed at least three weeks before the exam in which a student wants to appear. The exact dates may be confirmed from the exam department for each attempt.
Note: Incase, provisionally registered student could not meet the registration criteria of ICAP, the registration fee paid could be refunded after adjustment of the cost of Study Packs issued or the registration fee could be transferred to the next session.

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