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A. Only IBA Karachi & LUMS Lahore are Specified Degree Awarding Institute.

A. ICAP is awarding certain exemptions to the students who have passed certain graduation / masters program. These exemptions depend upon the institutes from where the students have done this degree. These institutes are divided in three categories:

i. Specified Degree Awarding Institutes (SDAIs):
These institutes have designed their syllabus as per ICAP's syllabus and their system of examination is subject to monitoring of ICAP. The graduates from SDAIs are given exemption in AFC and CAF level subject to certain conditions.
ii. Recognized Degree Awarding Institutes (RDAIs):
The graduates from RDAIs are given exemption from AFC Level and first four papers of CAF level subject to certain conditions.
iii. Degree Awarding Institutes (DAIs):
The exemptions are the same as awarded to the graduates of RDAIs but the students have to submit the syllabus of the degree attested from the Registrar/ Deputy Registrar or Head of the institutes.

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