ICAP frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Fees and Refunds

A. The registration, annual subscription and other fees of ICAP are available on our website. Please, use this link to know these fees:


A. RAETs should be contacted, directly, to know their respective fees. The contact details of the REATs can available on this link:

A. The examination and exemption fees are available on our website. Please, use this link to view these fees.


A. Members and students can pay their fees to ICAP, using any of the following modes:

  • By Pay Order & Bank Draft (Members can also pay through crossed cheques)
  • By Bank Credit Voucher deposited at Habib Bank Limited/ Fayal Bank Limited (any branch)
  • By Credit Card on ICAP’s website. Use this link for on-line payment: (For members only) https://online.icap.org.pk/onlinepaymentmethod.php

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