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08-16-18Revised Grids and Weightage of MSA-1 and MSA-2
08-16-18Transition of old Scheme Papers

Pakistan Accountant

The Pakistan Accountant is the official journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan published quarterly. This prestigious magazine is distributed to professional accountants in Pakistan and abroad as well as to economic decision makers including Presidents of Banks, DFI’s, Stock Exchanges, Chambers of Commerce and other leading figures of trade and industry.

The overall trend for niche publications has changed over the years. In the Publications Department we are trying to balance the magazine’s content so that the expansion of coverage does not come at the expense of The Pakistan Accountant’s traditional reporting on auditing, accounting, taxation, government functioning, and the economy.

While maintaining core services is important to us, innovation is equally desirable. The subject matter of some of our pages has changed.