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Asia e University, Malaysia

Your Institute appreciates the value of academic collaboration that assists members and students in their further education aspirations. In this regard, we continue to explore all possible avenues including evaluation of proposals from various universities. Asia e University, Malaysia (AeU) has also been among those universities.

We are pleased to inform you that we have received offer letter from Asia e University, Malaysia, specifying degree programs which ICAP members and students can pursue. This has been done after giving due recognition to the quality of our course work, rigor of our examination and experiential learning during the training period.

Asia e University is a project initiated by Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) – a continent-wide forum of 34 Asian countries including Pakistan. AeU is registered at Malaysian Qualification Agency, and its programs are accredited and mentioned in Malaysian Qualification Register. Currently, AeU is serving around 29,000 students in 34 countries.

Higher Education Commission has specifically conveyed that AeU and its degrees are recognized by HEC. The degree programs offered by AeU to ICAP members and students fulfill the recognition criteria of HEC, namely:

  • These programs are offered both on-campus and through distance education programmes
  • The degrees granted by AeU to students studying on campus or through distance education are indistinguishable.

Programs offered to ICAP members
PhD in Finance/Business Administration

Program: ICAP Members can submit research intent to initiate the admission and are required to undertake the following subjects:

  • Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Data Analysis

PhD comprises of Proposal Development, Data Collection, Report Writing, and Thesis Examination/Viva Voce.

Fee: All inclusive, program fee for ICAP members is $7,265 as against normal fee of $14,000.

For details please visit

Master of Business Administration (18 years of education)

The standard MBA program of AeU comprises of 11 Courses plus Project, having 42 Credit Hours. ICAP Members will have to take only four Courses (2 core courses and 2 from electives).

Fee: All inclusive, program fee for ICAP members is $1,500 as against standard fee of $3,610.

For details please visit

Programs offered to ICAP students
Bachelor of Accounting-Honors (16 years of education)

Program: The standard Bachelor program of AeU consists of 41 courses having 129 credit hours. ICAP students who have completed Certificate in Accounting and Finance will have to take only six courses and those who have passed Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting paper of CFAP will have to take only five courses.

Fee: All inclusive, program fee for ICAP students is US$1550 as against standard fee of US$6,120.

AeU has also exclusively agreed to freeze fees for all these degree programs for ICAP Members and Students till 2022.

For details please visit

AeU has established dedicated facilitation desks for ICAP members and students as follows:

  • Lahore Office-Northern Region

Syeda Ayesha
Tel: 0342-9670994

  • Karachi Office-Southern Region

Qareena Malik
Tel: 0336-0335340

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