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08-16-18Revised Grids and Weightage of MSA-1 and MSA-2
08-16-18Transition of old Scheme Papers


Northern Regional Committee


Soon after taking over, the Committee took initiatives for enhancing the standard and volume of activities. The efforts were specially focused towards increasing the frequency and quality of CPD events and the much needed up-gradation of library facilities. Improved organization and management of coaching classes also received specific attention resulting in raising the standard as well as number and duration of the courses offered.

All the CPD Committees of the Region well both in terms of arranging regular events and covering and addressing areas and topics of professional interest. Lahore and Islamabad CPD committees have excelled seminars/workshops a comprehensive review of libraries at various centers has been conducted to identify the requirements for improving the existing as well as providing additional facilities. Based on the review, major up-gradation of libraries has been greater interaction with the Council, through both formal and informal meetings with Council members, provided opportunities of sharing ideas for improving the functional performance of the Committee.

The Committee looks forward to a more eventful and productive year ahead.