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UBL/ICAP Co-branded Visa Prepaid Debit Cards

The Institute joined hands with one of the largest banks in Pakistan, United Bank Ltd (UBL), for the exclusive issuance of a co-branded Visa prepaid card to the students and members of ICAP.

This joint initiative is aimed at encouraging the progression of paperless processing, cashless transactions and promotion of the online experience amongst the future corporate managers of Pakistan.

With this co-branded prepaid card the students of ICAP will be able to pay their registration and examination fees at the click of a button online on ICAP’s website. Students can load funds on the prepaid card from any UBL Branch. There is no issuance fee

How to Avail the Cards.

  • Students may contact to the Facilitation Centers at all ICAP Offices or UBL Branches for Application forms. Submit filled form at the UBL Branch along with the copy of CNIC and ICAP Registration Card.  Please provide Original CNIC and ICAP Registration Card to the Branch Officer.
  • Collect Welcome Pack from the branch officer and call at 111-825-888 for ATM Pin Generation after successful  card activation (after 24 hours)
  • 24/7 access through the call center
LimitsUBL Wiz Prepaid Card
Total Balance allowed (maximum deposit) PKR 200,000
ATM withdrawal limit  per day PKR 40,000
POS Usage Limit per day PKR 100,000
Internet Usage limit per day PKR 100,000
Please contact UBL Call centers at 111-825-888
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