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UOL Teaching Hospital Discount Arrangement

We are pleased to inform that UOL Teaching Hospital has offered Priority Medical services to Members, Affiliates and Students of ICAP on exclusive discounts.

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UOL Teaching Hospital Discount    

Following are the detail of the discount offer;

Priority Medical services for ICAP Members, Affiliates and Students:

Medical Services FCAs
(including parents, spouse and children)
(including parents, spouse and children)
Affiliates & ICAP Employees and Students
(including parents, spouse and children)

Emergency Medical services


30% off


25% off


20% off

Outpatient Medical services

Inpatient Medical services

Laboratory / Radiology / Ambulance services





Special Desk for ICAP




 How to Avail the Offer?
You can avail this discount facility by presenting your ICAP identity card along with your CNIC or evidence of being parent, children or spouse of Members, Affiliates and Students of ICAP.

For inquiry:

Level 1: Front Desk Officer (FDO) present at corporate desk (042-32560865)
Level 2: 
Mr. Ayub Elahi (+92 334 9877097)
Ms. Anum Sarfraz (+92 342 4046806)
Mr. Usama Bin Javed (+92 302 4212200)
Ms. Sumbal Waqas (+92 323 04046095)


Please note that it is entirely the sole discretion of Members, Affiliates and Students of ICAP to avail this offer or not, based on his/her own need and judgment. ICAP is neither influencing any of the Member, Affiliate and Student to opt for UOL Teaching Hospital offer nor has any responsibility whatsoever for the relationship between UOL Teaching Hospital and the ICAP Members, Affiliates and Students, if they avail the offer.

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