Question:  What is an individual team name?
Answer: An individual team name is required when all team members and the sponsor of the team decides to use a different name than their organization’s name to participate in the competition. This is particularly to facilitate the teams whose members belong to more than one organization or the sponsor belongs to a different organization than the team members. In any case, it is the decision of the team and their sponsor to use any of the member’s or sponsor’s organization name with mutual consent or to use an entirely different name other than their organization’s name.
The individual team name, agreed by all team members and sponsor, should be a professional and decent name of one word e.g. Brainiacs.

Question:  Is it mandatory that all team members belong to the same organization? Can a group of friends participate as a team on their own?
Answer: Ideally all three members should be from one organization, with team leader being ICAP member. However, people from different organizations are welcome to apply as a separate team with a professionally acceptable team name.

Question:  Are firm’s employees eligible to participate?
Answer: Yes, the employees of firms are eligible to register for the National Finance Olympiad 2018.

Question:  When the result of qualifying round is expected to be announced
Answer: The Result of Qualifying Round will be announced on the same day i.e. December 13, 2018 .

Question:  Is the fee nonrefundable?
Answer:  Yes, the fee is nonrefundable.

Question:  Will there be any knowledge refresher session which is costing Rs. 30,000?
Answer: No, there will not be a knowledge refresher session. However, the curriculum and sample questions for the qualifying round are made available on ICAP website for ease in preparation for all participants

Question:  Is the syllabus same as the last year?
Answer: Slight changes have been made in the syllabus for NFO 2018 according to necessary updates.

Question:  Are all rounds of the Grand Finale same as the year?
Answer: We have added a Simulation Round this year which is a computer based team simulation that will be conducted at KSBL. Moreover, we have eliminated the Question and Answer Round in Grand Finale.

Question: How will the overseas members participate?
Answer: Qualifying Round will be held in Jeddah and Dubai for Overseas Members. Teams winning Qualifying Round will fly to Pakistan for Simulation Round and Grand Finale. ICAP will bear the cost of travel and accommodation for the Qualifying Teams. All Overseas Members can register and pay online.

Question:  Where can I find detailed information about the NFO?
Answer: Please refer brochure for program information and registration form overleaf for ground rules. For curriculum and sample questions details, you may visit our website https://www.icap.org.pk/nfo/. If you require any further information, please feel free to drop us an email at financeolympiad@icap.org.pk

Question:  What events are included in this Olympiad?
Answer: The Olympiad is divided into three Rounds, The Qualifying Round, Simulation Round and the Grand Finale. The Qualifying Round will be MCQs based examination to be held at ICAP premises. The Simulation Round is a computer-based simulation to be held at KSBL. The Grand Finale will have 2 rounds that will lead to the discovery of the National Finance Champion 2016. For a detailed program overview, kindly refer to the brochure or visit the link https://www.icap.org.pk/nfo/

Question:  Where will NFO be held? Please specify locations.
Answer: The Qualifying round will be held in Karachi, Lahore, Jeddah and Dubai simultaneously on December 13, 2018 . The Simulation Round will be held in Karachi and Lahore on December 18, 2018 and the Grand Finale will be held in Karachi on December 20, 2018.

Question:  How to register for the NFO 2018?
Answer: You can download and print registration form online and send the filled registration form by November 30, 2018 at ICAP House, Chartered Accountants Avenue, Block 8, Clifton, Karachi. You can also submit the online form to register for the event.

Question: How to pay for the NFO 2018?
Answer: The participation fee of Rs.30,000/- can be paid through cross cheque/demand draft/pay order in favor of ‘The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan’. You can also pay online by visiting this link, https://online.icap.org.pk/onlinepaymentmethod.php