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02-15-19Introduction of E‐marking
02-13-19Toastmasters Summit 2019

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Planned Events
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1-day workshop on Internal Audit Communication and Report Writing


Seminar on “Indirect Tax in Emerging E-business models”


Workshop on “Coaching and Feedback”


List of Held Activities
Date Title Venue
12-02-2019 Seminar on IFRS 9 Financial Instruments Lahore
14-01-2019 1-day workshop on Coaching & Feedback Lahore

Seminar on 2nd Supplementary Budget and key IT withholding provisions
Muhamamd Awais Download Presentation
Faisal Iqbal Khawaja Download Presentation

14-01-2019 1-day workshop on Coaching & Feedback Karachi
14-01-2019 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Countering Financing For Terrorism (CFT) Karachi
26,27- 12-2018 2-day Workshop on “Advance Excel”. Karachi
10-13-12-2018 Legal Issues for CFOs, Company Secretaries, Compliance Officers and Senior Finance & Legal Professionals Karachi
28-11-2018 1-day workshop on “CFO : Driving Value Creation” Karachi
17-10-2018 Seminar on “Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Regulations, 2018 and Foreign Companies Regulation, 2018” Islamabad
11-10-2018 1-day workshop on “Che Se Chashmay” Karachi
05,06,07-10-2018 Three Days Workshop on Getting ready for Profession Lahore
28,29-09-2018 Two Days Workshop on MS Excel Karachi
27-09-2018 Workshop on “Che Se Chashmay” Karachi
30-08-2018 Seminar on “Trends in Audit Oversight” Islamabad
30-08-2018 Workshop on “CEO – Chief Energy Officer” Karachi
17-08-2018 Seminar on “Limited Lability Partnership Islamabad
16-08-2018 Seminar on “Combined Name Reservation, Incorporation Process & Incorporation of LLP’s” in collaboration with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Karachi
08-08-2018 MAP Talk with MR. IRFAN WAHAB KHAN on “DIGITAL MARKETING” Karachi
23-07-2018 MAP Talk with MR. TAHIR MALIK on “PERSONAL BRAND BUILDING” Karachi
19-07-2018 Seminar on Revised Auditors Report
Download Presentation
28-06-2018 An Exclusive Session for SMPs on Revised Auditors Report Karachi
15-05-2018 Seminar on “Zakat” Islamabad
14-05-2018 Workshop on Stress Management Karachi
10-05-2018 Seminar on “Combined name Reservation & Incorporation Process”
Download Presentation
Download Presentation
07-05-2018 Seminar on “Combined name Reservation & Incorporation Process” Karachi
02-05-2018 Seminar on “Post – Budget 2018- 2019” Islamabad
30-04-2018 Seminar on “Post Budget 2018-2019” Karachi
26-04-2018 Seminar on Fraud Investigation Karachi
26-04-2018 MAP Talk with Mr. Fahad Ashraf: “Marketing for Good – Driving a Business with Purpose” Karachi
26-04-2018 Seminar on “Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)
by Sohail Malik Download Presentation
05-04-2018 Seminar on “Withholding Taxes

by Capt (Retd) Jahangir Ahmad Download Presentation

04-04-201 Seminar on “Introduction of Combined Incorporation Process & Post Incorporation filing and compliance requirements under Companies Act, 2017”
03-04-2018 Seminar on NOCLAR (Non-Compliance with Laws & Regulations). Karachi
28,29-03-2018 Retail Leaders Conference 7th Edition Lahore
28,29-03-2018 Workshop on “Power Pivot & Power Query Tools in Excel” Karachi
27-03-2018 Workshop on “Internal Audit – Managing Stakeholders’ Value through Effective Planning & Reporting” Karachi
26-03-2018 Pre Budget Seminar 2018

by Mr. Haider Ali Patel Download Presentation

by Mr. Ashfaq Tola Download Presentation

by Mr. Asif Haroon Download Presentation

by Mr. Asif Kasbati Download Presentation

19-03-2018 Seminar on “Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)
by Sohail Malik Download Presentation
19-03-2018 Seminar on Critical Issues Under Sales & Service Tax Laws Karachi
10 & 17 -03-2018 Excellence in Excel-2013 Karachi
16-03-2018 MAP Talk on “Coke Studio – Made in Pakistan Karachi
28-02-2018 Seminar on “IFRS 17 – Insurance Contracts”

by Abdul Moid & Usama Dangra Download Presentation
by Hena Sadiq Download Presentation
by Jabran Noor Download Presentation
by Mohammed Ali Ahmed Download Presentation
by Syed Nayyar Hussain Download Presentation
by Ali Quershi Download Presentation
by Omer Morshid Download Presentation

by Arslan Khalid Download Presentation

24-02-2018 Workshop on Fraud Investigation
by Zeeshan Shahid and Muhammad Sajid Ali Download Presentation
21-02-2018 Workshop on VALUE INNOVATION Karachi
20-02-2018 Workshop on Adaptive Leadership Karachi
17-02-2018 ICAP Conference – CPEC-2018 Myths & Realities
Download Presentation by Abdul Sami

Download Presentation by Salman Amin
Download Presentation by Salman Shah
30-01-2018 Workshop On Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Islamabad
30-01-2018 Seminar on Revised Code of Corporate Governance Regulations Download Presentation by Abid Hussain Karachi
27-01-2018 An Evening with Dr. Miftah Ismail, Adviser to the Prime Minister on revenue, finance and economic affairs Karachi
18-01-2018 MAP Talk on “Governing the Ungovernable: Case study of Pakistan” Karachi
23-01-2018 Workshop on “Dashboard Reporting in Excel”. Karachi
16-01-2018 Seminar on” Listed Companies (Code of Corporate Governance) Regulations, 2017 and Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance Compliance) Guidelines, 2013″ Islamabad
14-12-2017 ICAP Leadership Summit 2017
by Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman on “Can the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4iR) be a game changer for Pakistan? Download Presentation
by Ms. Khursheed Kotwal on “Science Fiction Becomes Reality” Download Presentation
by Mr. Paul Keijzer on “4iR & You. How I can stay relevant. Realizing Human Potential, Gender & Work” Download Presentation
by Yusuf Hussain on “The Future of FinTech” Download Presentation
by Mr. Farrukh Rehman on “What leaders need to know of Crypto Currency?” Download Presentation
by Ms. Quanita Ali Khan on “Digital Payments vital to Economic Growth” Download Presentation
24-11-2017 Seminar on Development of Situational Leadership Skills Karachi
08-11-2017 MAP TALK – What Can Clients Expect From the Agency of the Future? Karachi
31-10-2017 Seminar on New Leases Standard IFRS – 16 Implementation Experience sharing from Germany Karachi
20-10-2017 Seminar on Governance in Pakistan – Challenges & Solutions Karachi
19,20-10-2017 Empowering your budgeting, forecasting and cost control ability to achieve optimum financial excellence within your organization Karachi
20-10-2017 Seminar on Companies Act, 2017
by Mr. Malik Mirza Download Presentation
by Mr. Rana Usman Download Presentation
by Mr. Asad Feroz Download Presentation
by Mr. Sohail Malik Download Presentation
by Mr. Farrukh Rehman Download Presentation
by Jawed Hussain Download Presentation
16,18-10-2017 Financial Modelling for Business intelligence Karachi
19-09-2017 Seminar on Companies Act, 2017
by Amar Naseer Download Presentation
by Amyn Malik Download Presentation
by Arslan Khalid Download Presentation
by Bushra Aslam Download Presentation
by Ehsan Malik Download Presentation
by Furukh Rehman Download Presentation
by Mohammad Zulfikar Akhtar Download Presentation
29-08-2017 Road to Success Download Presentation Lahore
18-08-2017 Seminar on Companies Act 2017
by Ms Bushra Aslam Download Presentation
by Asad Feroz Download Presentation
by Furukh Rehman Download Presentation
by Rana usman Khan Download Presentation
by Zulfikar Akhtar Download Presentation
17-08-2017 Value Added Tax – the Way Forward by Filip Van Driessche Download Presentation KSA Chapter-Al Khobar
07-06-2017 Seminar on “Post Budget 2017-2018” Islamabad
05-06-2017 Post Budget Seminar 2017 Download Presentation Karachi
24-05-2017 MAP Talk on “Pakistan, How is it viewed by a Japanese” Karachi
23-05-2017 Seminar on “Financial Corruption, Real Estate Business” Islamabad
17,18-05-2017 2-day Workshop on Power Excel Karachi
16-05-2017 Seminar on “ICAP Revised Code of Ethics & It’s FAQS” Karachi
09-05-2017 Seminar on “Recommendations for the Federal Budget 2017-2018” Islamabad
26-04-2017 Workshop on “Report Writing Skill for Internal Auditors” Karachi
21-04-2017 “Pre Budget Seminar” Karachi
21-04-2017 “MAP Awards of Excellence & Annual Dinner” Karachi
17-04-2017 Workshop on Introduction and Salient Features of New Zakat Regulations Download Presentation Riyadh
06-04-2017 Seminar on “Data – Mystery or Reality – Old or New” Karachi
03-04-2017 Seminar on “Fraud Risk Assessment” Karachi
18-03-2017 Member’s Family Get Together Islamabad
09-03-2017 Seminar on “Offshore Assets” Download Presentation Karachi
01-03-2017 Seminar on “Cryptocurrencies – The currency today onwards” Islamabad
06,16,17-02-2017 Helping SMPs Meet the Challenges and Seize the Opportunities of Tomorrow Karachi, Islamabad
& Lahore
08-02-2017 Seminar on “The Change in Revenue Recognition – are you prepared for them” Islamabad
03-02-2017 Seminar on “Offshore Assets” Islamabad
02-02-2017 Showcase Meeting of CA Toastmasters Club Karachi Karachi
02-02-2017 MAP Talk with Mr. Badar Khushnood “Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Opportunities For Retail Businesses in Pakistan” Karachi
02-02-2017 “Implications of Deferred Taxes under IAS 12 and Revised SOCPA Zakat Standard” Download Presentation KSA Chapter-Khobar
13-01-2017 Seminar on “Start-up Pakistan” Karachi
23-12-2016 Seminar on IFRS” Download Presentation Karachi
19-12-2016 MAP TalkMaking Thar Happen For Pakistan And Tharis” Karachi
06-12-2016 Seminar on “IFRS -9 New Accounting Model for Financial Instruments” Download Presentation-1 Download Presentation-2 Karachi
01-12-2016 Seminar onCompanies Ordinance, 2016” Islamabad
29-11-2016 Seminar onEthical Blindness for Finance, Accounting and Audit Professionals” Karachi
07-11-2016 Seminar on “Management Innovation Program” Islamabad
25,26-10-2016 Workshop on “Power Excel” Karachi
20-10-2016 Implementation of Value Added Tax – Introduction, Fundamentals and Key Industry Issues Al-Khobar
05-10-2016 How to Spot and manage the Business Disease Called Behavioural Waste? Webinar
26-09-2016 Seminar on “Success in Professional Life” Islamabad
20-09-2016 Seminar on “Income Tax Returns and Valuation of Property”
Download Presentation-1
Download Presentation-2 Download Presentation-3
08-09-2016 “Strategic Leadership for accountants – Achieving Market Leadership” Webinar
10-08-2016 Interactive Session on Net Capital Balance (NCB)
Download Presentation-1
Download Presentation-2
Download Presentation-3

Download Presentation-4
23-06-2016 Webinar on “Overcoming our biases against effective teamwork” Webinar
09-06-2016 Seminar on “Post Budget 2016-17” Download Presentation-1 Download Presentation-2 Karachi
08-06-2016 Seminar on “Post- Budget 2016” Islamabad
07-06-2016 Seminar on “ICAP Post Budget Discussion Lahore-2016” Lahore
30-05-2016 Seminar on “Draft Companies Bill 2015” Islamabad
24-05-2016 IFRS-16 Leases and Tax Challenges in the GCC.
Download Presentation-1
Download Presentation-2

20-05-2016 Workshop on “Negotiation Skills & Conflict Management Karachi
12-05-2016 Seminar on “Draft Companies Bill 2015” Download Presentation Karachi
29-04-2016 Seminar on “Pre-Budget” Islamabad
26,27-04-2016 “MARCON’16 – Traditions & Innovations” Karachi
26-04-2016 “Pre-Budget Seminar” Download Presentation Download Presentation Karachi
15-04-2016 Webinar on “IFRS 16 Leases” Webinar
12-04-2016 Seminar on “How to Build a Successful Career” by Muhammad Anwar Gopalani Download Presentation Download Career Mapping Template Karachi
30-03-2016 Webinar on “How to lead with Emotional Intelligence” Webinar
16-03-2016 Seminar on “New Auditor Reporting Model – A Fundamental Shift” by Mr. Arslan Khalid, FCA Download Presentation Karachi
16-03-2016 Seminar on “IFRS for SME and AFRS” Islamabad
11-03-2016 Pakistan – Islands of Excellence – “Media – The Impact of Digital” Karachi
04-03-2016 Seminar on “Changes in Auditors’ Report” Islamabad
15,16-02-2016 2-days workshop on “Financial Modelling Using MS Excel” Karachi
13-02-2016 Workshop on “Ascend to Financial Modeling” Islamabad
11-02-2016 IAS 19-Acturial Valuation for End-of-Services Indemnities by Omer Morshed Download Presentation KSA Chapter Khobar
03-02-2016 Innovation – Key Driver of Economic Growth Karachi
27-01-2016 Workshop on “Work-Life Effectiveness” Karachi
26-01-2016 Live Webinar: “Incidence of Corporate Taxation: Who Really Pays?” Webinar
23-01-2016 Workshop on “Ascend to Financial Modeling” Islamabad
07-01-2016 Pakistan – Islands of Excellence Karachi
24-12-2015 SOCPA IFRS Transition Project

by Mohammad Asif Iqbal, FCA Download Presentation

KSA Chapter Al-Khobar
22-12-2015 Seminar on Investors’ Education” Islamabad
20-12-2015 Member’s Family Get-Together Lahore
17-12-2015 Live Webinar “From Espoused to Practice: Making Leadership Work” Karachi
11-12-2015 Workshop on: Manage your Time, Manage your Life! “Time Management” Lahore
03-12-2015 Seminar on “CODE OF ETHICS– A key to Public Trust” Islamabad
02-12-2015 Seminar on “Changes in the Auditors Report – A fundamental Shift”
by Arslan Khalid Download Presentation
19-11-2015 Seminar on IFRS for SMEs” Download Presentation Karachi
29-10-2015 Workshop on “From Corporate Social Responsibility to Creating shared value” Karachi
28-10-2015 Seminar on Developments in Integrated Reporting”
by Vincent H. Tophoff Download Presentation
19-09-2015 Seminar on “How to Market & Sell Your Expertise” Lahore
03-09-2015 Seminar on “Big Data and Business Analytics for Finance Professionals”
by Aubrey Joachim FCMA; CGMA CIMA Global President 09/10 Download Presentation
28-08-2015 Seminar on “QCR” Lahore
27-08-2015 Update on Saudi Income Tax and Zakat Laws – 2015
by Qamar uz Zaman Download Presentation
KSA Chapter-Khobar
22-08-2015 Workshop on “Financial Instruments” Lahore
21-08-2015 Workshop on “Financial Instruments” Islamabad
15-08-2015 Workshop on “Taxation” Lahore
15,16-06-2015 Workshop on “Power Excel – An Advance Excel Program 2010” Karachi
13-06-2015 Seminar on “ICAP Post Budget Discussion 2015” Lahore
11-06-2015 Post Budget Seminar 2015
by Mr. Saqib Masood Download Presentation
by Mr. Adnan Mufti Download Presentation
by Mr. Salman Shah Download Presentation
26-05-2015 Seminar on Corporate Governance – Current State, Challenges and Way Forwardby Asad Ali Shah Download Presentation Karachi
23-05-2015 Workshop on “Presentation Skills” Islamabad
21-05-2015 Workshop on Transforming Self, Transforming Others Karachi
18-05-2015 Training Workshop on Shariah Governance Framework for Islamic Banking Karachi
28-04-2015 Pre Budget Seminar 2014-15
Download Presentation -1 Download Presentation -2 Download Presentation- 3
23-04-2015 Sukuk– the most rapidly growing and widely accepted Islamic Finance Structure Download Presentation Khobar
24,25-03-2015 2-Day Workshop on International Financial Reporting Standards Karachi
21-03-2015 Workshop on Leadership, Delegation & Supervisory Skills Islamabad
23-02-2015 Workshop on “Balanced Scorecard – A tool for Strategy Execution” Speaker – Mallick Kamran, FCMA (CFO, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Systems Ltd, Khobar) Download Presentation Riyadh
12-02-2015 Seminar on Seminar on ” Accounting Standards for NPOs” Download Presentation Islamabad
06-02-2015 Accounting Standards for Not for Profit Organizations
Speaker – Mr. Usman Tahir Download Presentation
03-02-2015 Seminar on Capital Market and Mutual Funds” Islamabad
03-02-2015 Seminar on Investor Education Download Presentation Download Presentation Download Presentation Karachi
31-01-2015 Workshop on Advance Excel Islamabad
Presenter on Capital Markets – Ms. Musarat Jabeen (Director/Head of Department at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan)
Presenter on Mutual Funds – Mr. Shahzad Jawahar (CEO/Director of First Capital Investments Limited)
Download Presentation
Download Presentation
27-01-2015 Information Security – Opportunities & Challenges Karachi
26-01-2015 Seminar on Saudi Zakat and Tax laws
Speaker –
Mirza Ashraf, Director Tax, EY Download Presentation
15-01-2015 Seminar on IFRS: Consolidated Financial Statements Download Presentation Karachi
01-01-2015 Seminar on Tax Structure & Withholding Taxes
Tax Structure in Pakistan Presented by – Mr. Shaukat Amin Shah, FCA Download Presentation
Withholding Taxes as per Income Tax & Sales Tax Presented by – Mr. Mohsin Nusrullah, FCA Download Presentation
17-12-2014 Seminar on IFRS 15-Revenue from Contracts with Customers Usman Ghani Akbani, FCA Download Presentation Jeddah
16-12-2014 Seminar on Accounting Standard for Non-Profit Organizations Download Presentation Karachi
15-12-2014 Seminar on IFRS 15-Revenue from Contracts with Customers Usman Ghani Akbani, FCA Download Presentation Riyadh
15-12-2014 Seminar on Consumer Insights for CFO’s and Finance People Islamabad
11-12-2014 Seminar on Understanding the Concepts of Islamic Finance
Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem (Member of Shari’ah Board and Country Head of Shari’ah in Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited)
Mufti Mohammed Najeeb Khan (Summit Bank (Islamic Banking Group) as Sharia Advisor)
Download Presentation
Download Presentation
11-12-2014 Seminar on IFRS 15-Revenue from Contracts with Customers Usman Ghani Akbani, FCA Download Presentation Khobar
04-12-2014 Seminar on Sales Tax on Franchising Karachi
03 -12-2014 Seminar on Exposure draft on framework of QCR Program 2014 Islamabad
27 -11-2014 Workshop on Interpersonal Skills for Finance Professionals Karachi
22-11-2014 New International & Financial Reporting Standards Islamabad
16-11-2014 Sukuk- the most rapidly growing and widely accepted Islamic finance structure Download Presentation Riyadh
12 -11-2014 Seminar on Update on Significant Changes in International Financial Reporting Standards Download Presentation Karachi
29 -10-2014 Seminar on Workshop on Power Excel – An Advance Excel Program 2010 Karachi
22-09-2014 Workshop on “Art of Making Successful Presentation” Download Presentation Riyadh
12-09-2014 WorkShop on TIME MANAGEMENT Muhammad Basheer Juma EY AfghanistanDownload Presentation 1 Afghanistan
09-09-2014 Seminar on Interpersonal Skills for Finance Professionals Karachi
02-09-2014 Seminar on “Unleashing Creativity to Deliver Strategic Excellence” by Dr. Sunil Gupta Karachi
28-08-2014 Seminar on Zakat and Alternatives to Interest Karachi
27-06-2014 Seminar on Audit Reports Lahore
24-06-2014 Seminar on Audit Planning & Risk Assessment
Presentation by Khurram Jameel
Presentation by Mohammad Rehan Download
13-06-2014 Seminar on Post Budget 2014-15 Lahore
13-06-2014 Seminar on POST BUDGET 2014-15 Islamabad
06-06-2014 Post-Budget Seminar 2014 Presentation by Mr. Saqib Masood Download Presentation Karachi
22-05-2014 Workshop on SSE Standard Umair Madhani
Download Presentation
12-05-2014 Seminar on ISA 500 – Audit Evidence Presentation by Moneeza Butt & Mazhar Hamdani Download Presentation Karachi
30-04-2014 Seminar on Cash Basis IPSAS Karachi
08-04-2014 Workshop on Integrated & Sustainability Reporting Karachi
03-04-2014 Seminar on Financial Supply Chain – A Path for the Prosperity of a Company
Presentation by Mohammed Hanif Ajari Download Presentation
27-03- 2014 Pre-Budget Seminar 2014-15
Presentation by Saqib Masood Download Presentation
28,29-03-2014 2-Day Workshop on Driving Corporate Performance through Balanced Scorecard Karachi
2-02- 2014 Financing Corporate Growth & Increasing Shareholders’ Value
Download Presentation
KSA Chapter- Riyadh
20,21 -02- 2014 2- Day Workshop – THE CFO:BECOMING A STRATEGIC PARTNER Karachi
20,21 -02- 2014 Revision – International Accounting & Financial Reporting Standards (IAS & IFRS) Islamabad
07,08-02-2014 Revision-International Accounting & Financial Reporting Standards (IAS & IFRS) Phase-2 Lahore
27-01-2014 Update on Saudi Tax and Zakat Laws
Speaker: Nauman Ahmed
20-01-2014 Rules of Corporate Governance for Public Sector CompaniesBy : Syed Asad Ali Shah | Download Presentation Karachi
Revision-International Accounting & Financial Reporting Standards (IAS & IFRS) Phase-1 Muhammad Maqbool Lahore
07-01-2014 Tax Audit Amnesty Scheme
Speaker: Irfan Ilyas, FCA | Download Presentation
02-01-2014 Islamic Finance – Essentials Islamic Products
Speaker: Irshad Mahmood | Download Presentation
23-12-2013 Winning Interviews Speaker: Dr. Nadeem Bhatti IMF and Pakistan Riyadh
16-12-2013 Accounting for Financial Instruments under IAS 39 with an Outlook to IFRS 9
Speaker: Zulfiqar Unar
10-12-2013 Seminar on “IMF Programme 2013 – Need & Implications for the Economy of Pakistan”
Presentation by Mr. Kaiser BengaliThe Dollar crisis Download Presentation IMF and Pakistan
Download Presentation
06-12-2013 Discussion Forum “Recent Amendments in Sales Tax” By Asim Zulfiqar Ali, FCA
Download Presentation
28-11-2013 IFRS 13 Fair Valuation – Concepts and Challenges Speakers: Munish Mohendroo, Abid Moosa Download Presentation Khobar
26-11-2013 Legal Environment in UAE and Stress Management | Waseem Khokhar, Dawn Metcalfe UAE Chapter
25-11-2013 Islamic Banking Accounting perspective Riyadh
11-11-2013 Seminar on IFRS Convergence Speaker: Yousuf Hassan Download Presentation PAF-Jeddah
29-10-2013 Accounting For Financial Instruments IAS 39-Current issues and IFRS 9 Update by Zulfiqar Unar Download Presentation Riyadh
23-10-2013 Seminar – FATCA Implementation in Pakistan- Key challenges and implications Ali Kazimi Download Presentation Karachi
08-10-2013 Seminar on “Audit Reports” Khurram Jameel Download Presentation Shahid Hussain Download Presentation Amir Jamil Abbasi Download Presentation Karachi
26-09-2013 Fair Valuation – Concepts and Challenges By Munish Mohendroo, Jeddah
30-09-2013 Business Failure – Prediction and Prevention (with AGM) By Tim Douglas Download Presentation Riyadh
30-08-2013 Seminar on “Going Concern” Download Presentation Karachi
28,29-08-2013 Two-day workshop on “Advanced MS Excel 2010 for Business and Financial Analysis” Karachi
04-07-2013 Sleep Management for Accountants Karachi
21-06-2013 Federal Budget Seminar 2013-2014 Islamabad
19-06-2013 Federal Budget Seminar 2013-2014 Khawaja Tanveer Ahmed : Download Presentation Saqib Masood : Download Presentation Karachi
30-04-2013 Understanding Derivative – Beyond AccountingSafwat Khalid : Download Presentation Riyadh
27-05-2013 Fair Valuation – Concepts and Challenges By Munish Mohendroo, Riyadh
04-05-2013 Workshop on International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards Islamabad
12-04-2013 Budget 2013-2014Speaker:Syed Shabbar Zaidi: Download Presentation -1
Saqib Masood: Download Presentation -2
12-04-2013 IPO – Regulatory Framework and Listing, Rawalpindi
27-03-2013 Essential Elements of Corporate Governance Download Presentation -1 Al-khobar
20-03-2013 Seminar – Second Saudi-Pak Accountancy Riyadh
27-02-2013 Workshop on ISA 320 – Materiality in Planning and Performing an Audit Islamabad
15-02-2013 Seminar – An Integrated Approach to Business Transformation Islamabad
09-02-2013 Seminar on Financial Statements Presentation Lahore
07-02-2013 Seminar on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – Law & Implications Karachi
31-01-2013 Seminar on “An Integrated Approach to Business Transformation Karach
22-01-2013 Seminar on IPO/Listing Planning Speaker: Affan Sajjad: Download Presentation -1 Amir M. Khan Afridi: Download Presentation -2 Lahore
16-01-2013 Seminar on “Writing an Effective Resume & Developing Interview Skills Karachi
28-12-2012 Seminar – Wall Street Ideas – Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Islamabad
20,21-12-2012 Workshop on “Driving Corporate Performance Linking Strategy, Measures and Systems” Karachi
19-12-2012 Seminar on”Corporate Tax returns-Problems in filling and e-filing” Lahore
17-12-2012 When to Consolidate and How to Fair Value Speaker: Kashif Zafar Download Presentation KSA Chapter-Riyadh
18-12-2012 Seminar on “Pakistan Economics’ Outlook 2013 & Beyond”Speaker: Syed Shabbar Zaidi Download Presentation Syed salim Raza Download Presentation Karachi
14-12-2012 Workshop on “Corporate Reporting – New Challenges” Multan
13-12-2012 Workshop on “The Power of Vision and Strategies to Turnaround Business” Karachi
10-12-2012 Workshop ISA 320 – Materiality in Planning and Performing an Audit Karachi
07-12-2012 Workshop on “Dealing with Conflicts” Peshawar
29-11-2012 Code of Corporate Governance Islamabad
Workshop on Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act 2012 & Allied Rules Download Presentation Download Presentation Download PresentationDownload PresentationDownload Presentation Karachi
19-11-2012 Workshop on “Bilateral Investment (Pakistan & USA)” Islamabad
16-10-2012 Investment Securities Accounting IFRS and SOCPA Download Presentation Riyadh
10-10-2012 Seminar on Overview of Regulations for Companies and Corporate Governance Regulations in Saudi Arabia Download Presentation Al-khobar
06-10-2012 Seminar on Code of Corporate Governance 2012Iftikhar Taj Mian, FCA Download Presentation Lahore
19-09-2012 Seminar on The Modern Corporation in Saudi ArabiaDr. Saleem Sheikh Download Presentation KSA Chapter Riyadh
30-08-2012 Seminar on Corporate Reporting – New Challenges Download Presentation -1 Islamabad
16-07-2012 Seminar on Changes in the Code of Corporate Governance (Rescheduled) Download Presentation -1 Download Presentation -2 Karachi
21 , 23-06-2012 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility’ at Colombo Download Presentation – Session – 1 Download Presentation – Session – 2 & 3 Download Presentation – Session – 4 & 6 Download Presentation – Session – 5 Download Presentation – Session -7 Colombo
06-06-2012 Seminar on “Post Budget 2012-2013”Download Presentation -1Download Presentation -2Download Presentation -3Download Presentation -4 Karachi
16-05-2012 Seminar on “Performance Management Measuring and Improving organizational PerformanceDownload Presentation -1 Karachi
Students Exam Seminar- MAC and Students Exam Seminar- AuditDownload Presentation -1Download Presentation -2Download Presentation -3Download Presentation -4Download Presentation -5Download Presentation -6 Karachi
03-05-2012 Seminar on “Enhancing Corporate Governance in Public Sector Entities”Download Presentation Karachi
16-04-2012 Pre-Budget Seminar 2012-2013Download Presentation -1Download Presentation -2 Karachi
28-02-2012 IFRS UPDATEDownload Presentation -1 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
23-02-2012 Seminar on Revised ICAP’s Code of Ethics (Exclusively for Members) Download Presentation -1 Karachi
24-01- 2012 Seminar on“Issues and Challenges of Labor Laws application in the post 18th Constitutional Amendment Scenario Download Presentation -1 Karachi
01-11-2011 Workshop on ” SINDH SALES TAX ON SERVICES ACT, 2011“Download Presentation -1Download Presentation -2 Download Presentation -3 Download Presentation -4 Download Presentation -5 Karachi
23-10-2011 Seminars on Exam specific Download Presentation Download Presentation Download Presentation Karachi
21-10-2011 International Standards on Auditing -Subsequent Events and Going Concern (ISAs 560 &570) Download Presentation Download Presentation Lahore
06-10-2011 Seminar on: International Standards on Auditing – Subsequent Events and Going Concern(ISAs 560 &570) Download Presentation Download Presentation Islamabad
23-09-2011 Financial Modeling and Corporate Valuations Download Presentation Lahore
21-07-2011 Seminar on “Operational Risk Management” Download Presentation Karachi
20-07-2011 QCR FindingsDownload Presentation Lahore
22-07-2011 QCR FindingsDownload Presentation Islamabad
25-06-2011 Role of Chartered Accountants in Building Successful Organizations Download Presentation Faisalabad
23-06-2011 Seminar on Internal Audit and Public Sector Management Effectiveness Download Presentation Download Presentation Islamabad
11-06-2011 Seminar on “Post Budget 2011” Download Presentation (Syed Shabbar Zaidi) , Download Presentation (Naeem Akhtar Sheikh) Islamabad
10-06-2011 Federal Budget Seminar 2011-2012 Download Presentation (Syed Shabbar Zaidi) , Download Presentation (Syed Masoud Ali Naqvi) Karachi
12-05-2011 Seminar on “The New Accounting Model for Financial Instruments under IFRS 9 “Speaker:Arslan Khalid Download Presentation Karachi.
16-04-2011 Exam Approach Seminar for Module “E” Paper 13 Speaker:Muhammad Ovais Download Presentation Karachi
14-04-201 Recent Tax Amendments and Pre-Budget Seminar 2011-2012Speaker: Syed Shabbar Zaidi Download Presentation Syed Naved Andrabi Download Presentation Karachi
14-04-2011 Seminar on: “Financial Instruments”Speaker:Sajid Shafiq, ACA Download Presentation Islamabad
26-03-2011 Seminar on “High Performance Culture through Leadership Behavior & Taxation Laws” Speaker : Mr.Zishan Haider , FCA Download Presentation Mr.Muhammad Awais , FCA Download Presentation Lahore
24-02-2011 Seminar on Management & Basel II – Deriving Value beyond Compliance Speaker:Syed Faraz Anwer Partner, A.F. Ferguson & CoDownload Presentation Karachi
20-01-2011 Seminar on Professional Ethics in practice -Alarming trend!Speaker: Masoud Ali Kha.n, FCMA, FITM CFO & Company Secretary Javedan Cement Ltd. (Arif Habib Group) Download Presentation Karachi
08-12-2010 Workshop on Clarity International Standards on AuditingSpeaker : Mobammad Zulfikar Akhtar ACA, CFA, FCCA (U.K.) A. F. Ferguson & Co.Download -1 Amyn Malik Senior Manager KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co ISA 540 Download -1 ISA 550 Download -2 Part 1 ISA 600 Download -3 Part 2 ISA 600 Download -4 Karachi
12-11 -2010 Seminar on Reformed GST and ATT- suggestions on way forward Speaker : Mr.Ashfaq Yousuf Tola ,FCA Download -1Download -2 Karachi
01-11 -2010 Seminar on Basel III Speaker : Zulfiqar Patel Senior Manager Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Download Karachi
25-10 -2010 Clarified International Standards on Auditing Speaker: Khurram Jameel ACA,ClA Senior Manger Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Presentation Download Karachi
15-10 -2010 Exam Preparation Seminars for Winter 2010Muhammad Ovais Presentation DownloadPaper Analysis Download Ahsan Anis Muhammad Shujaat Bhatti Presentation Download Management Accounting Presentation Download Management Accounting Papers Download Management Accounting DownloadManagement Accounting DownloadAdvanced Audit Presentation Download Advanced Audit Papers Download ICAP Karachi
22-09- 2010 Code of Corporate Governance & Way ForwardDownload Presentation ICAP Karachi
07-08-2010 To International Standards on Auditing(ISAs)Download Presentation ICAP Lahore
29-07-2010 Seminar on Asset Liability Management for Post Retirement FundsSpeakers :Yasir Qadri Chief Executive Officer MCB Asset Management Download PresentationJunaid Khalid,FRM Head of Product Design & Asset- Liability Management MCB Asset Management Download Presentation Muhammad Faisal Malik Head of Sales & Marketing MCB Asset ManagementDownload Presentation ICAP Karachi
10-06-2010 THE FEDERAL BUDGET 2010Speaker(s): Syed Masoud Ali Naqvi Download Presentation Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi Download Article Golf Club Karachi
01-06-2010 Clarified International Standards on AuditingSpeaker : Farrukh RehmanPartner, A.F. Ferguson & Co. Download Presentation Amir Jamil Abbasi Download Presentation Karachi
21-05-2010 Seminar on Value Added Tax (VAT)Speaker : Abdul Razzak, FCMA Member LCCI – Tax Committee Download Presentation PC Lahore
07-05-2010 Seminar on “Supporting Development through Public-Private Partnership” Speaker:Shahid Ahmed Khan, FCA Partner, Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman Download Presentation Islamabad
13-05-2010 SEMINAR ON INTERNAL AUDIT ROLE IN MODERN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITYSpeaker :Fazal Hussain Gaffoor FCA, CISA, CIA Chief Internal Auditor Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd.Download Presentation Karachi
24-04- 2010 Seminar on: Pre Budget Seminar (2010-2011)Speakers: Khawaja Farooq SaeedChairman Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue Guest of Honor: Muhammad Abdullah Yusuf Vice President – North Institute Chartered Accountants of Pakistan Former Chairman – Federal Board of Revenue Download presentation Lahore
15-04- 2010 PRE-BUDGET SEMINAR 2010 Speakers : Sakib SheraniHaider Ali Patel, FCA Download Presentation Adnan Ahmad Mufti, FCA Download Presentation Session Chairman, Asrar Raouf Panelists: S.M Shabbar Zaidi, FCA Shaikh Saqib Masood, FCA Moderator: Mehmood Abdul Razzak, FCA Karachi
30-03- 2010 Seminar on An Overview of Value Added Tax (VAT)Speaker:Asif Kasbati FCA, FCMA & LLB Director Tax Services A.F.Ferguson & Co. Download PresentationKhawaja Tanveer Ahmed Commissioner , Audit-IV, RTO, Karachi Download PresentationSession ChairmanMajid Khandwala, FCA,ACA (England) Karachi
25-03- 2010 Performance Management ProgramSpeaker : Mr.Ahmed Saleem, FCA Download Presentation Lahore
03-03- 2010 Seminar on New Horizon with Dogma/Challenges for Financial Professional “Supply Chain Management”Speaker:Mr Mohammad Hanif Ajari ,FCMAStrategic Dirctor ,Getz PharmaDownload Presentation Karachi
09-02- 2010 Demutualization of stock Exchange in Pakistan and Listing RegulationsSpeaker: Mian Shakeel Aslam Download PresentationMr Khawaja Muhammad ShoaibMr Salman Ali Bokhri Download Presentation Lahore
16-01-2010 Tax Audit Framework Panelists Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi, Former President ICAP Syed Asad Ali Shah, Former President ICAP

  • Abdul Qadir Memon, President Pakistan Tax Bar Association
  • SAQIB MASOOD ,Chairman Taxation Committee Download Presentation
12-01-2010 SMP Workshop on “Audit working papers Review Techniques”Speaker: Omar Mustafa Ansari Download Presentation Karachi
Application of Labour Laws in PakistanSpeaker: Mr Muhammad Asif Latif Download Presentation
Economic Crisis in the GulfSpeaker: Mr Masoud Ali Khan, FCMA Download Presentation
24-12-2009 Seminar on IFRS for SME’s Download PresentationSpeaker: Shabir Younus Session Chairman :Syed Asad Ali Shah Karachi
25-11-2009 Information System AduitSpeaker: Mr Sajid H.Khan Download PresentationSession chairman :Mr.Ahmed Saeed FCA Karachi