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Student Feedback Scheme


ICAP is pleased to announce a Student Feedback Scheme to facilitate the CFAP, MSA & Final level students to understand their shortcomings in answering the examination questions. The scheme has been introduced from Summer 2014 examinations. Under the scheme, specific areas of deficiencies in the relevant paper would be communicated through a Memorandum of Findings to the students in writing via email.

This Memorandum of Findings would be strictly for the guidance of the concerned student and ICAP would not enter into any face-to-face discussions with the student or conduct any further correspondence on the subject report under any circumstances whatsoever.

  1. Only those students who have appeared in the CFAP, MSA & Final examinations and have secured a minimum of 40 marks in a particular subject would be eligible to avail this facility. However, a student would be allowed to seek assessment of the answer script of a particular subject twice only.
  2. Applications may be lodged by completing the particulars in the prescribed form available at all ICAP offices or may be downloaded at the following link Download Request Form
  3. Applications must be lodged within 30 days of the date of announcement of the results by ICAP.
  4. Only first 50 applications received during the allotted time shall be entertained.
  5. Per paper fee for this service is:
    • Pak Rupee 7,700; or
    • Saudi Riyal 245; or
    • UAE Dirham 240
  1. Applications must be supported by proof of payment of the fee by:
    • Blue copy of the bank credit voucher duly paid at the bank branches designated by ICAP; or
    • o A demand draft/pay order in favor of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan;

Karachi Student Feedback Scheme