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Requisition form for issuance of Study Pack

Applicant’s Information:

Name: CRN No.
Communication Address:
Phone (Res.): Cell Phone No.
e-mail address:
Intended date of collection of study Packs:
Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC)
AFC-1 Functional English AFC-3 Quantitative Techniques
AFC-2 Business Communication AFC-4 Introduction to Information Technology
Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF)
CAF-1 Introduction to Accounting CAF-6 Principles of Taxation
CAF-2 Introduction to Economics and Finance CAF-7 Financial Accounting and Reporting – II
CAF-3 Business Law CAF-8 Cost and Management Accounting
CAF-4 Business Managements & Behavioral Studies CAF-9 Audit and Assurance
CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting – I


  • (1) Given above is the complete list of subjects. Tick mark in the box given against the name of each subject of
    which the study Pack is required.
  • (2) A student can only obtain study Packs of a maximum of five subjects.
  • (3) Clearly mention the date on which you wish to collect the study Packs from respective office of the institute.
  • (4) There should be a gap of at least one week between submission of requisition form and the intended date of
    collection of study packs.
  • (5) Student must bring their original ICAP Registration Card while visiting the Institute for collection of Study Packs.
  • (6) In case the student is unable to collect study packs himself/herself then a proper authority letter should be
    given to the person who would collect the Study Packs. The letter should be addressed to The Director
    Education and Training and mention the name and specimen signature of person being authorized for collection
    of Study Packs. Photocopy of the Student’s ICAP Registration Card should accompany the authority letter.