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Training Contract Form

Computerized Training Contract Forms

In view of the difficulties faced by the CA Firms in typing out the details of student in Training Contract Form, ICAP has made Computerized the Training Contract Form ‘R’ alongwith the form ‘Q’. Forms may be downloaded and filled electronically. Filled Forms will be properly stamped and signed by the Principal and Trainee Student in Original. This completed Form will be considered as an authentic and a legal Training Contract Form between the Firm and the Student.

In the meantime Principals may concurrently use the existing form if they feel difficulty in this electronic form.

All Concerned are requested to read carefully the instructions for completing the Training Contract Forms as given below:

Registration as Trainee-on-Probation

Form ‘R’ (training contract)

( Please take 3 copies this Training contact form Mark on top Duplicate, Triplicate)

Annex A to Form-R (For service break)

Form ‘O’ 

Form ‘Q

Form ‘R

Form ‘S’

Form ‘T’

Instructions for completing the Training Contract Forms

This is an MSWORD protected document. The form should be filled following the instructions given below:

  • Select the required data from the drop down menu where provided.
  • Only use TAB key for entering the data in the next field
  • Don’t use Enter Key after entering the data in the field.
  • Write N/A in the field which is not applicable.
  • No restriction of Upper and Lower Case, computer will automatically take all data in Upper case.
  • After completing the Form, save the file in separate folder with the “Student’s Name”.
  • The Training Contract Form may be printed out on Plain white paper and properly stamped as applicable.
  • For getting a print out of DUPLICATE OR TRIPLICATE copies, just open the file saved with “Student’s Name” then select duplicate or triplicate from drop down menu and take a printout.
  • You may use both sides of page for printout.
  • Filled Forms then should be sign by Principal and Trainee Student in Original.