Summer 2020 CFAP, MSA and AFC Exams

3 June 2020

Dear Students,

This is with reference to our earlier communication dated April 7, 2020 on plans for holding Summer – CFAP, MSA and AFC examinations.

We would like to inform our students and other stakeholders that all efforts are being made to hold the examinations as per the announced schedule for the summer examinations. The prime consideration for the Institute is saving precious time and efforts of the students. We are also mindful of concerns of students, their families and Government authorities regarding wellbeing of students and those involved in examination activities in these challenging times.

In this respect, the Institute is taking all necessary measures to obtain permissions from relevant Provincial and Federal Government authorities and we are optimistic that these permissions would be granted in time. We have already succeeded in obtaining permissions from some of the authorities. However, if despite all efforts, permissions are not received from all the concerned departments and authorities on timely basis, the way forward will be communicated to the students in advance of scheduled dates of examinations.

Meanwhile, SOPs for the conduct of the examinations based on WHO guidance have been developed to ensure that appropriate health and safety measures are in place to minimize risks to students and those involved in the conduct of examinations.  These guidelines will be available on the Institute’s website for information and compliance.

However, if any student registered for summer examination decides to opt for not sitting in the respective examination, he/she can either get the fee refund or carry over the fee to the next attempt.

We advise all students to only follow the official communication from the Institute and continue to prepare for successful and safe examinations, Insha Allah.