The ICAP’s Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee is holding the Professional Excellence Awards (PEA). These awards aim to recognize members in business (including NPOs, government bodies and other entities) for their contribution, performance and value addition within their respective organizations. The objective of these awards is to celebrate contributions by ICAP members who have been successful leaders and have created a mark in the industry. PEA is a platform to honour our members in industry and businesses for their outstanding achievements, share their success stories and inspire young members and students to learn from their experiences.


PEA aims to:

  1. Recognize and reward outstanding members with contributions to the business and industry.
  2. Promote culture of excellence within the profession.
  3. Motivate continuous improvement and strive for excellence.
  4. Provide platform for sharing success stories and role models for future leaders.
  5. Inspire students and young professionals.
  6. Increase visibility and repute for members to showcase their contribution and impact within the industry.

All ICAP members who satisfy the eligibility criteria are encouraged to participate in the required format for the respective category.

The nomination shall start from February 19th, 2024, and continue till March 31st, 2024.

The Awards will be celebrated on May 06th, 2024.


Award Categories

The PEA comprises of following five categories



PEA Eligibility, Exclusions and Terms and Conditions are provided below:


Following is the eligibility criteria for PEA:

  1. Nomination is open for all ICAP members except those mentioned in exclusions.
  2. A member can also nominate other member if he/she meets the requisite criteria.
  3. Nomination can be made in one category only.
  4. The nominee must be of good standing as per the ICAP criteria.



Following are not eligible for the PEA:

  1. ICAP members who are practicing as a Chartered Accountant or Management Consultant and having a Certificate of Practice issued by the Institute.
  2. Jury members, evaluation committee members and their close/immediate family members including spouse, siblings, lineal ascendants, and descendants.
  3. Current and one-term preceding Council members of ICAP & Regional committee members and their close/immediate family members.
  4. ICAP Management and Staff.
  5. Winner of any award category cannot submit a nomination for the next 3 years for the same category.

Terms And Conditions:

  1. Each award will be shortlisted based on the subject criteria and scoring matrix.
  2. ICAP reserves the right to use any entries, photographs, videos/or media for promotional purposes.
  3. The awards are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.
  4. Award nominees retain the responsibility to maintain an appropriate standard of professional conduct, and must immediately notify ICAP if they are or become the subject of any investigation, findings, judgement of current proceedings, including but not limited to findings, in relation to fraud, misrepresentation or dishonesty, in any administrative, civil or criminal proceedings in any country, and must declare/disclose to ICAP if any standard of professional conduct has been compromised. Award nominees shall have a responsibility to not engage in any conduct that brings or has the potential to bring ICAP into disrepute. ICAP will be at liberty to pursue remedies available to it under the law.
  5. ICAP reserves the right to change/revise any criteria or award process without information/intimation.
  6. Award decisions once announced shall remain final and cannot be challenged at any forum. ICAP and the Jury disclaim all and any claim, of whatsoever nature, for Award decisions.

Award Process

Professional Excellence Awards 2024 offers following Award Process


Nomination Form

Before submitting the nomination form, please go through the guidelines.

Guidelines For Nominations

  • The nominee must declare that the information provided is complete and accurate along with supporting documents substantiating the details specified. In case of incomplete or inaccurate information, the nominee will be disqualified.
  • Nomination should be limited to one category only.
  • Nomination documents should be signed off by the authorized signatory of the organization preferably by the CEO /HR Head of the respective organization. Organizational Endorsements would be via online system only.
  • Evaluation committee or jury, if required, may request for additional information or call nominee for interview to ascertain accuracy of the facts.
  • The details of the data provided will be taken with absolute fiduciary trust. Evaluation committee will take measures to maintain confidentiality of the information furnished.
  • All nomination will be through the online portal only within the prescribed dates.
  • There will be no fees for the nominations
  • The award will be based on individual performances over the period defined (i.e., January 01st, 2022 to December 31st, 2023). The decision of the jury once declared will be considered final
  • The form will be considered complete when all the required details are submitted including organizational endorsement.


Evaluation Criteria

Nominations will be evaluated based on the following broad categories:

  • Personal statement by the nominee specifically highlighting years of experience and key achievements.
  • Leadership approach covering elements of people and stakeholder management, vision, mission and core values.
  • Specification of the initiative(s) highlighting financial performance / achievements in areas of expertise.
  • Innovation and transformation approach.
  • External Recognitions.
  • Compliance and Reporting.
  • Contribution to the Profession.
  • Contributions to other relevant areas of businesses.


Nominee must submit evidence in the form of supporting documents along with descriptive notes against each of the above criteria highlighting individual efforts and input about a project(s), initiative(s) or innovation(s) between January 01st, 2022 to December 31st, 2023.

Other required details:

  • Complete CV/Resume along with latest photograph
  • Organizational financial performance for the said period


PEA 2024 Winners

Business Leader Award
Public Entity

Mr. S. Anis Ahmed,

CEO Abbott Pakistan Limited

Business Leader Award
Public Entity

Mr. Ali Asghar Abbas,

CEO Indus Motor Company Limited

Finance Leader Award
Public Entity

Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Khan, FCA

Group CFO Ptcl

Finance Leader Award
Public Entity

Mr. Ziad Bin Wasim Chowdhrey, FCA

Country CFO & Director At Novartis Pakistan

Finance Leader Award
Non Public Entity

Mr. Moeid Sultan,

Finance Director Institute Of Business Administration (IBA)

Business Enabler Award
Public Entity

Mr. Armughan Ahmed Kausar, FCA

Chief Compliance Officer Habib Bank Limited

Business Enabler Award
Public Entity

Mr. Ijaz-ur-rehman,

Group Head Operations The Bank Of Punjab, Pakistan

Overseas Excellence Award
Europe & Africa

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Jan Memon, FCA

COO & CFO Europe Arab Bank Plc, UK

Overseas Excellence Award
Asean & Oceania

Mr. Muhammad Kamran,

Director Finance Cargo-partner, Australia

Overseas Excellence Award
Gcc & Middle East

Mr. Farooq Zaheer Zuberi,

CFO Apm Terminals, Bahrain

Overseas Excellence Award
Gcc & Middle East

Mr. Faisal Saleem Bokhari, FCA

Group CFO And VP Mohamed
Y. Naghi Group, Ksa

Emerging Leader

Mr. Faizan Irshad,

Group Head Audit Policy, Monitoring & Quality Assurance Allied Bank Limited

Emerging Leader

Mr. Irfan Bashir Shaikh,

Head Of Investments Parco

Emerging Leader

Mr. Nabeel Shaikh,

Senior Financial Advisor Thiqah Business Services


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