Program Overview

Round Procedure Date
Qualifying Round Computer based MCQs December 13, 2018
Assessment & Simulation Round Assessment & Case Study Simulation December 18, 2018
Grand Finale Part A: Debate Round Part B: Buzzer Round December 20, 2018

Qualifying Round

Qualifying round will have the following four sections with an aggregate maximum score of 100.

  1. Basic Accounting Concepts
  2. Advanced Accounting Application
  3. Business Financial Management
  4. Compliance and Governance

Each section will comprise of 13 questions on the following pattern:

No Testing pattern No. of questions Marks per questions Total score
1 Selecting the right answer 4 1 4
2 Selecting the most/least relevant answer 6 2 12
3 One descriptive scenario 3 3 9
  Total 13   25

The 3-hour Qualifying Round will be conducted simultaneously in Karachi and Lahore for teams participating in Pakistan and Jeddah* and Dubai* for Overseas Members.

The Qualifying Teams from Round One will advance to Assessment & Simulation Round scheduled on December 18, 2018.

Assessment and Simulation Round
This Round will be conducted by Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL) in Karachi and Lahore simultaneously.

Participants will find themselves making business decisions simulating to reflect real-life experiences. They will be judged on different metrics of financial performance and leadership traits.

Based on the score of Assessment & Simulation Round, top 6 teams will advance to Grand Finale.

Grand Finale
Part A: Debate Round

No Criteria Scoring Range
1 Organization and comprehension of the topic 1 – 10
2 Persuasiveness and rebuttal 1 – 10
3 Use of visual aid and delivery style 1 – 10
4 Additional scoring by audience 1 – 10

Part B: Fast-Paced Buzzer Round

The team scoring the highest aggregate marks in both parts of Grand Finale will be declared
National Finance Champion 2018!