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Trainee Scheme


This Scheme is an opportunity for students who opt to start practical training directly after obtaining an Academic qualification as mentioned below

. Pre-requisites:

  • Graduation and post-graduation qualification with minimum 45% marks or equivalent.
  • Age – Minimum 16 Years.

Steps to Follow

S. No. Steps Links
1. Apply for registration as training-on-probation after joining training organization.
2. After CRN is granted, and completion of probationary period of two months, submit the training contract to ICAP get registered as a trainee student for a training period prescribed by the Council of the Institute. (at Facilitation Centre). Training Contract (including forms R & Q)
3. After passing Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC and CAF), apply to examination department for admission as examinee of CFAP papers.
4 “CA Pakistan Signature Qualification that Empowers to Lead” | Overview  

Subject to fulfillment of other conditions as determined by the Council, on successful completion of the training period and passing Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC), Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF), Certified Finance Accounting Professional (CFAP) and Multi-subject Assessments (MSA) the student would be eligible to become a member of the Institute.

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