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15-06-2019 Post Budget Conference 2019   Karachi,Lahore &Islamabad

Events Held

02,04-04-20193-day “Young Members’ Development Program”Karachi

Date Title Venue
29-05-2019 Seminar on “The Assets Declaration Ordinance, 2019 and relevant aspects of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2017”
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03-05-2019 Financial Modeling & Corporate Valuations Lahore
02-05-2019 Seminar on “IFRS 9 & IFRS 16 – The New Outlook” Islamabad
26-04-2019 How to Dress for Professional Success Faisalabad
23,24-04-2019 Workshop 2-day “Communication and Negotiation Skills” Karachi
23-04-2019 Seminar on “Code of Ethics- Restructured & Simplified” Islamabad
17-04-2019 Seminar on “Code of Ethics Restructured & Simplified” Karachi
11-04-2019 Seminar on “The New Outlook IFRS 9, IFRS 16 and Emerging Trends”
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09,10-04-2019 Workshop 2-day AAOIFI Shariah Standards Refresher Kingdom of Bahrain
09-04-2019 Ethics & Taxation – An Awareness Session for Students on Tax Day Celebration Lahore
05-04-2019 Members Family Dinner 2019 Islamabad
03-04-2019 Seminar on “Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism for NPOs and Intermediaries” Islamabad
08-03-2019 Seminar on FATF AML-CFT Lahore
08-03-2019 Awareness session on revised QCR Framework 2019
19-03-2019 2-day workshop on “Communication and Negotiation Skills”
19-03-2019 NATIONAL TAX CONFERENCE Islamabad
28-02-2019 1-day workshop on Internal Audit Communication and Report Writing Karachi
20-02-2019 Seminar on “Indirect Tax in Emerging E-business models”
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19-02-2019 Workshop on “Coaching and Feedback” Karachi
12-02-2019 Seminar on IFRS 9 Financial Instruments Lahore
14-01-2019 1-day workshop on Coaching & Feedback Lahore
28-01-2019 Seminar on 2nd Supplementary Budget and key IT withholding provisions
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14-01-2019 1-day workshop on Coaching & Feedback Karachi
14-01-2019 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Countering Financing For Terrorism (CFT) Karachi
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