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W.E.F. July 01, 2020 / Autumn 2020

Fee Voucher for Students
Pak Rupees
Annual Subscription Fee 2,000

Registration FeePak Rupees
Registration as Student only 17,500
Registration as Training on Probation 22,700
Transfer Fee for Trainee Student 16,000
Exemption Fee
Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC) – Per Paper 3,900
Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF) – Per Paper 4,700
Certificate Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP) – Per Paper 7,300
Multi Subject Assessment (Two papers) 18,600
Presentation and Communication Skills Course (PCSC) 1,900

Exemption FeePak Rupees
For PIPFA qualified candidates 29,700
For ICAEW/ICAI/ICAS/CAANZ/CPA Canada qualified candidates 107,600
For ICMAP qualified candidates 57,900
For CIMA qualified candidates 48,500
For ACCA qualified candidates
Exemption from six papers 26,600
Exemption from seven papers 31,300
Exemption from eight papers 36,000

AFC EXAMINATION (including CBE charges)Pak Rupees
1 paper 5,600
2 papers of same stage 9,800
3 papers of same stage 14,000
4 papers of same stage 18,200

1 paper 4,200
2 papers of same stage 7,000
3 papers of same stage 9,800
4 papers of same stage 12,600
5 papers of same stage 15,400
Writing Skill Test 1,900

1 paper of CFAP 7,400
For each additional paper 2,900
Multi Subject Assessment (One paper only) 10,500
Multi Subject Assessment (Two papers) 15,800
Annual subscription fee 2,000

 Pak Rupees
Affiliation Certification Fee 2,000
Affiliation Annual Fee 5,000

 Pak Rupees
Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes Course Fee 1,000

Fee for issuance of duplicate documentsPak Rupees
Duplicate examination certificate 4,100
Duplicate passing letter/grade sheet 500

Other ServicesPak Rupees
Transcript 650
Attested syllabus 1,100
Attestation of Certificates/ Result Cards/ Exemption Letter/ Transcript (Each copy) 110
Dispatching charges of documents to outside Pakistan through courier (for upto 0.5 kg) 5,500
Review of Answer Script / Result (Per paper) 1,500
Letter of equivalence / Examinee Registration Confirmation Letter / other letters 450
Medium of instruction letter 500
Any correction of name in passing letter/grade sheet on request 1,150
Letter to embassy (Per letter) 450
Request for feedback (Per paper) 8,200
Bonafied Trainee /FTS Student Certificate500
Duplicate Card/Examinee Registration Card300
CAF equivalence certificate 2,700

 Pak Rupees
Training Organization Inside Practice (TOIP) Fee 41,700
Training Organization Outside Practice (TOOP) Fee 160,500
Opening of New Training Office 16,000

 Pak Rupees
RAET Application Fee 6,000
Induction of New RAET 160,500
RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Category A – First Campus 107,000
RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Category B – First Campus 53,500
APP Annual Renewal Fee 21,500
RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Additional Campus
– Main Cities 53,500
– Other Than Main Cities 21,500

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