Professional Development Activity

For Trainee Students having more than 6 months experience in any TO

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) is organizing Professional Development Activity for ICAP trainee students having more than 6 months experience in any TOs. This activity is designed to groom and nurture our trainee student in a wide array of areas which could be pivotal for their professional and training duration. 
From personal grooming aspects of personality, presentation, positive attitude, dressing and effective communication to work study life integration, first year challenges and preparation of exams will be discussed in the session.
The entire activity will be conducted by seasoned facilitators and trainers at senior levels who have faced the similar challenges in their lives. Trainee students will have the opportunity to understand and absorb concepts through interactive discussion, group work and role plays.

Program Brochure: Click Here

All eligible trainee students who want to attend the session are required to use the following link to register on-line till Thursday, February 13, 2020:
There is no participation fee.
For queries and details, please contact:
Syed Faraz Ali

Shahnawaz Abro