The Institute is committed to regulate the education, training and examination of its students in order to ensure that a newly qualified Chartered Accountant can continue to be confidently regarded as:


Members of ICAP are an integral part of the Institute. They are not only the guardians of the ICAP values and discipline but also the proof of it. That is why ICAP views its members with the highest:

  • ICAP CA Testimonials Vineet Kumar
    Reporting & System Analyst
    Premier Oil, Pakistan
    CA qualification, at the age of 23, has proved as passport to many things. I strongly believe that Chartered accountancy is profession which gives a person lot more than he expects, in terms of exposure to various industries through its structured training program. . Chartered accountants are normally employed by Companies to monitor the progress of financial and strategic targets set by investor and shareholders, which of course place them on top in corporate world.
  • ICAP CA Testimonials Talib Adeelzeb Iqbal
    Finance Manager
    Strategy & Tactics | Riyadh Bank, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Becoming a Chartered Accountant and dealing with ICAP was unique experience which started from standing in the long queue to get the entrance test forms till the day I went to check my qualification result. CA qualification provides such unique exposure of working day and night, maintaining all professional standards and meeting rigorous deadlines. ICAP has maintained the best level of professional competence.
  • ICAP CA Testimonials Muhammad Farhan
    Associate Director T&R
    KPMG, Al Fozan & Al Sadhan, Saudi Arabia
    Becoming a member of ICAP was a dream comes true, not because of materialistic benefits waiting throughout the life, but the feeling of honor, pride and self actualization. Post being an honored member of ICAP, I realized that efforts made to achieve the qualification were far less than the life-time payback in terms of respect, admiration and privileges in every sphere of life.